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Monday, September 6, 2010

One Piece Episode 465


My thoughts: A fairly good episode. I was no doubt underwhelmed by Doflamingo's speech, though. That could have used better directing. The animation and voice actor was totally on target, though. It'll be good for anime-only watchers, of course.

Observations when watching (in order):

- Does Ace's voice actor get paid per "KGGHHKKKRRKKK" or "OARSU~!!!!!!"? 
- His acting does seem better in this episode, though. Captures his suffering better.

- Ace's silent scream when Oars fell was definitely a nice addition. I bet they'll do something like that for the... upcoming event that is similar to that :(

- The music they used when Oars crashed is fairly obscure, and it fit. Nice choice there.

- KIIIIISHISHISHI was more evil than ever :P

- Dude, Whitebeard owning Vice Captain Lonz was freaking amazing. Superb animation + directing there.

- Seeing everyone actually running on Oars' body was neat. I don't think they did that in the manga.

- Doflamingo flipping off the audience and Atmos was cool + his twisted smile.

- Rear Admiral Yukimura, who was shown saving Coby's ass last ep, is shown being thrown around like a rag doll this episode. Just goes to show that nobody is safe in this war.

- Akainu's VA (voice actor) was more subtle this episode. He sounds less like Kenpachi, and, well, better. Great music choice there btw.

- Cool to see the colored glimpse of Akainu's tattoo.

- Ice Witch's VA was pretty good. Nothing exceptional, but not an exceptionally important character either, so it works out.

- Meh, I couldn't help but laugh like Doflamingo when Commander Atmos cut down his own men lol. Just the way that big guy was lugging around those swords... I'm so evil.

- I would've liked better music for Dofl's part, but the part right before the commercial was good.

- Seeing Tsuru's ability animated was more than a little creepy >_>

- I enjoyed Garp's entire part. The hesitant steps towards Sengoku and Ace, the repeats of Ace crying and a new scene in which Garp holds him, the entire flashback (+ some great filler not in the manga in that), and Garp's acting, which was godlike. We haven't seen a teary Garp before.

- Luffy & co's entrance was AWESOME. Easily the highlight of the episode. The awesome music, reactionfaces, and them falling was just superbly done. (part of it was reused from opening 12, but they've reused almost everything from that).


All in all, a great episode, because they nailed Garp's part and Luffy's part. Oars falling was also touching, though drawn out. Doflamingo is what makes me give this a...

Rating: 8.5/10

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