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Friday, September 3, 2010

Dymaxion Sleep Schedule

I've been attempting this long before this post date, but have gone in and out of it (which is reasonable). What I'm talking about is a sleep schedule that could change your life. It's called the Dymaxion Sleep Schedule (but there are a few others to fit today's busy schedule, this one can too if done right). The idea is to cut our regular 8 hours of sleep into a fourth. How is this possible? In our regular human 8 hour sleep schedules that the world revolves around, we only receive about an hour or two of REM sleep [the most important sleep]. The rest of the 6 hours can be considered filler. The Dymaxion sleep schedule is 2 hours total of sleep, but it cuts them into 4 naps, each being only REM sleep. Since there's 24 hours in a day, that divided by 4 is 6, so you spread each nap out by 6 hours. I, personally, think this is very flexible, as there are not many things that take 6 hours without a break.

So, here's an example of the Dymaxion [I will detail others later in this post for convenience]. Currently what I'm doing, is I'm taking a nap at 1:30 AM, 7:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 7:30 PM. Each are spread out by 6 hours. If you do this sleep schedule correctly, it means you get 6 extra hours of time each day. The human race has always wanted more time since... ever, so this is obviously extremely useful. It starts adding up into days, then weeks, then whole months of free time you never had before. This can be extra work time, book reading, doing stuff you don't want people to see [which is pretty much 90% of us at night-time ;)], whatever you want it to be. Take advantage of the fact that the whole world is asleep while you're awake at night.

Of course you're wondering, is it safe? I've lived all my life around the 8-hour sleep schedule, why hasn't anyone told me about this? First question: Yes. People have been reporting the results of their sleep schedules [and I intend to do the same, starting today, on this very blog], and have generally reported being healthier. To quote one person: "My brain constantly feels like it's in a jacuzzi." You're getting the exact same amount of IMPORTANT sleep (REM, the sleep cycle where your eyes blink at rapid speeds and dreams occur) by tricking your body. Nobody's told you about this because the world is so far into the 8-hour sleep schedule that it would take untold amounts of time for EVERYBODY to change to it.

Lastly, here are some other sleep schedules you may enjoy. I'll link to the wikipedia article:

Please note that there is obvious controversy surrounding this sleep schedule, as it has not been studied very much, and remember, just because someone has a PhD doesn't automatically make their opinion more valid than everyone else's. If this feels right to you, then why let other people bring you down?

Some things to get out of the way: Dymaxion and Uberman are virtually the same thing. Dymaxion is 4 30 minute naps, and Uberman is 6 20 minute naps. I find the Dymaxion to be far more convenient. Also, on a random note, Leonardo Da Vinci, the genius behind Mona Lisa, was said to have done this sleep schedule for a very long period of his life, and he turned out to be very old. The only problem with this that I've found from past experiences is that you might have too MUCH free time :) Have fun, experiment with it if you'd like, and happy sleeping!


  1. I've always wished I could try this out, but my schedule is so crazy :(



  3. I've tried this for a week. It hasn't worked yet.


  4. Let me know how you get on with this

  5. @ Mantooth

    Yeah, it can be pretty hard to do.. :S The cool thing is you can delay a nap by 30 minutes as long as you take the next 2 naps at their times.

    @ derp

    lol. i should've made a tl;dr. oh well.

    @ Shelby

    The first week is actually the "trial period". This takes a bit to get fully accustomed to.

    @ suzychen

    I will very soon, I'm starting today. Took my first nap. I'm armed with 5 Monster energy drinks and ready to go >_>! (staying awake the first week is the hardest part)