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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meh, just gonna make this an entire sleep blog. DYMAXION DAY 1

I'm a TOTAL blogger nublet, can anyone tell me if you can divide blogs into subsections? Cuz if you can that'd be great. I don't wanna just do it by month :P

I will edit this with each nap I take. I've got my driver's license now, can drive home just before work to take a nap, this Dymaxion thing is in full gear now.

I'll edit posts each time I take a nap.

DAY 1: Nap 1: [2:00 PM, delayed nap*]

Went well. Wasn't expecting to sleep at all, but I did for about 30 seconds. Since I'm going to DEPEND on these naps soon, I'll go to sleep right away soon.

*this is my delayed nap for the day. Here's how this works. You can delay 1 nap by a maximum of 30 minutes, AS LONG AS you take the next 2 naps at their correct times. So my sleep schedule is actually: 1:30 AM, 7:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 7:30 PM. It's delayed because of school. Read more about this sleep schedule in the post below this.

{The blog you're reading right now is my main blog where everything gets posted first. As I post more content, it's going to keep dividing into sub-divisions. To follow my sleep schedule, go to misterdymaxion.blogspot.com

edit: day 1 failed lol. I forgot how hard this shit was the first week. PROTIP: do NOT trust your body when it's in bed. It will trick you. I overslept, big time. Trying again today since I woke up early somehow and I can take all my naps.

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